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Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

Matt Snyder

Presidential Candidate Matt Snyder
In Disney/Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life,” it took one brave ant to finally teach the colony that they greatly outnumbered their oppressive grasshopper foes. It may be some time before the American populace realizes its numbers and acts as one unit to regain the power of the federal government for the benefit of the common people; until then, we, the people, will continue to live with the turmoil and strife created by the entities which contribute the most money to our oppressors.

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Matt Snyder is no stranger to the struggles of the politically charged issues we face every day here in America. He understood long ago that the best way to learn how to ride a horse is to get on and ride. Personal experience, in Snyder’s opinion, is far more valuable than academia.
“College is where you theorize, intellectually, possible answers to problems you didn’t know existed. Life is where you feel the pain of those applied academic solutions.” –Matt Snyder

Snyder’s campaign theme has been, “If you’re tired of hearing millionaires telling you how much they care about the little guy…”

The idea of a regular working man running for president has been around for decades. With the development of technological communication methods, such a candidate can now reach the American electorate without the status of millionaire being a prerequisite.

Snyder has captured the imagination of many voters who have become disenfranchised with lawyers, big businessmen, millionaires, and career politicians who present academic solutions to problems that do not personally affect them. Organizations and protestors on the left and the right share a common belief in that there is inescapable corruption in Washington DC, the media, and the financial industry; Snyder’s popularity spans partisan boundaries as he bears no obligation to any of these entities.
Campaign Manifesto
Believing a system cannot be changed is the first step on the road to complacency. It’s hard to be the first penguin in the pool, but that’s the kind of courage necessary to facilitate redirection in the face of terrible momentum.

Quite simply, if you’re tired of millionaires telling you how much they care about the little guy, then Matt Snyder is a great alternative. When America is made up primarily of lawyers, CEOs, millionaires, and career politicians, then we will be best represented by elected officials with those characteristics. Until then, a true representative of the people will be better defined as someone who struggles with the burdens of government, not someone who implements them.

This government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich, will someday cede its power back to the people. All it takes is one brave penguin.

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