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2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee
U.S. Representative from Wisconsin

Paul Ryan

Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Ryan position on Gun Control

Ryan is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment. The self-professed deer hunter rejects the notion that stricter gun control laws would reduce firearms-related crimes. Instead, he supports stronger jail terms against criminals “who get guns in the black market."

Question: I just wanna find out his stance on gun control and stuff. In our state, in our area around here, we do a lot of hunting and everything else. And, it seems like they want to continue making laws that are, we already have laws on the books that handle, you know, supposedly what, the new found weapons of choice for criminals now. I was just wondering if there’s any FBI data or anything, that these gun control advocates are going by, or is just whim of certain individuals in the gun control lobby?

Rep. Ryan: It’s a good point. I, like you, am an avid hunter. I come from Wisconsin. Actually, opening day of the deer season is Saturday, so I’m flying back Friday so I can join my family hunting for deer.

I do believe that the Second Amendment of the Constitution is a fundamental individual right that must be protected. I see the right to own a firearm as a very important right that must be protected in our Constitution. Gun control is not crime control. Adding new gun control laws on to the books, on top of law abiding citizens, in my opinion, is not the best way to fight crime. The best way to fight crime are strong stronger terms against criminals who use a gun. Go against the people who actually commit felonies, who get guns in the black market.

I do not believe that more gun control laws are going to solve problems in crime right here, Washington D.C. Just a few blocks down this window here, you have crime problems. I used to live down here. I’ve been mugged before, I’ve heard the gunshots. This city has perhaps the most stringent gun control laws in any city in the country. Yet it has perhaps the greatest crime problems with, with firearms. 

I do not think that more gun control laws are gonna to solve our crime problems. And in many cases as you just mentioned, a lot of people in Congress propose new gun control laws which may look good and tough at press conferences, but don’t get results. I’m concerned that new gun control laws are gonna build up a false sense of security among the people in our country. And we’re gonna lose precious time where we can better spend that time passing very important laws that will actually reduce crime. There are things that can help us, you know, like an instant check system that do help prevent criminals from getting guns. But more laws and law abiding citizens, are not the answer to new, to crime controls.
November 17, 1998: Open Interview with C-Span/Washington Journal (New Member of Congress)

Paul RyanRyan has voted in favor of legislations that prohibit lawsuits against gun and ammunition manufacturers for damages resulting from the misuse of their products by others (H.R.1036, 2003 and S. 397, 2005).

He also voted in favor of H.R.2122 (Mandatory Gun Show Background Check Act) which reduces the waiting time for purchases at gun shows from 72 to 24 hours.

Prohibits an individual who is not licensed to sell, transfer, or exchange a firearm that is accessible to the person at a gun show, who makes an offer to do so, from subsequently transferring the firearm to another person without meeting specified requirements, where such other person accepts (currently, indicates a willingness to accept) the offer. Reduces from 72 to 24 hours the time required to have elapsed since the registrant contacted the national instant criminal background check system.

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