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2012 Republican Presidential Nominee
Former Governor of Massachusetts

Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Romney position on Taxes

• Romney is in favor of the Bush support cuts as he says that these cuts really helped to bring the economy back on track when the country was going through a bad phase. He stated that "I have never opposed the Bush 2002 tax cuts. I supported them." during the 2008 Republican Primary Debate.

• He suggests that the best way to avoid an oncoming recession is to get a cut on the taxes of the middle class groups. This means that there will not be any taxes on interest, dividends or capital gains and will result in more money in the hands of the middle class. They will in turn put in more capital into the market which will be available for new ventures and homes.

• He is in favor of reducing the tax burden on middle income families. The Des Moines Register reported that he said that "I don't stay awake at night about the taxes that rich people are paying. I am concerned about the taxes that the middle class families are paying." during a Republican Debate.

• Romney strongly votes for the removal of death tax as he feels that it makes absolutely no sense in it.

• Romney addressing it as "my pledge" has promised not to support or reverse the plan to roll income taxes back to 5% by the next year even if a situation of a budget deficit of $3 billion.

•Mitt Romney said at a debate in Boca Raton on 24th January 2008, "I support the Bush tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts helped get our economy going again when we faced the last tough times."

• When asked what his first step would be on the fears of a recession, he replied that he would try to get a reduction of taxes on the middle income people of America. He intended that people earning less that $200,000 per annum would be able to save money without the burden of taxes.

• "Lowering taxes helps build jobs & helps working families, and so I strongly have been of the view that one of the great lessons for Ronald Reagan was that lowering taxes helped built our economy." Fox News NH Republican primary debate on 6th January 2008.

• On the Death Tax: "It doesn't make sense to me that people get taxed when they can earn their money, get taxed when they save their money, and get taxed when they die. We should get rid of the death tax." Quoted from Romney's book 'The Man, His Values & His Vision, p115.'

• In a debate in South Carolina he said he wanted to make it very clear that he would not raise taxes.

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