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Former 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate
Career Flight Attendant

Tom Miller

Presidential Candidate Tom Miller
Tom Miller is a 46 year old single dad who has been a career flight attendant for the last 23 years. Through his daily interaction with hundreds of American people from every walk of life, plus regular visits to each of our 50 states (along with many foreign countries), he believes his frugal, middle class lifestyle gives him the connection that has been missing from Washington for years. As a private citizen entering the office of Presidency, Miller will not be bringing an entitled or political ideology with him, instead he will be bringing morals, values and principles directly from Main Street America.

Our Republic was founded and built by teachers, farmers and common citizens. Most of these individuals did not have any prior political experience, only a basic education and a love of their country. These average citizens took simple ideas based upon faith, freedom and hard work and created the greatest Nation on earth. Their successful recipe was honored and followed for almost 150 years and the results were the most prosperous nation on earth, the largest middle class ever, the lowest tax rates in history with zero national debt. Now, after 80+ years of electing career politicians from the privileged elite, this dynamic has been destroyed and replaced with a bloated, controlling and self-perpetuating bureaucracy.

Tom has not been groomed nor has he worked his way up the political ladder to be chose for this opportunity. Instead, he is stepping forward from among the people in the private sector to do the job that the career politicians are either unable or unwilling to do. As the son of a decorated WWII Marine, Tom was raised with the original recipe that brought the greatest generation through some of our countries toughest challenges. He has the skill sets, the backbone and the faith that will allow him to make the tough and unpopular permanent decision that are being denied, neglected or only temporarily resolved today. He understands that we must sacrifice the wants of today for the needs of tomorrow in order to give the next generation an America that is stronger and more secure than was given to us.

Thomas J. Miller is a Registered Candidate (Republican), President of the United States of America 2012.
Federal Election Commission ID: P20001947.

Principal Campaign Committee: Reduce Government Miller for President
ID: C00462010.

Official Miller website - MillerforPresident.com

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