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Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

Jimmy McMillan

Presidential Candidate Jimmy McMillan
The exquisitely bearded 64-year old ex-postal worker is no stranger to controversies, and seems to have quite a knack of attracting the attention of the media. Discounting his bridge-climbing agility, pseudo self-immolation and hit rap single featuring the ‘Rent Is Too Damn High Party’ theme song (available in iTunes), McMillan does carry one very important point that resonates with plenty of average Americans – the rent is indeed, too damn high.

McMillan, who was awarded with three Bronze Stars during his distinguished army career, appears to take his candidacy very seriously, outlining his opinions on a variety of issues during an appearance in the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington earlier this year and an interview with Revolution Radio. In the radio interview, McMillan acknowledged the threat posed by Obama and remarked that Obama is “a good-looking young guy, and I’m a handsome old dude. So there’s gonna be some competition there”. McMillan also made an appearance at Northeastern University a month later, speaking to the Political Science Student Association.

Opinions are divided over his participation in the race, with some genuinely pleased with the irreverency and humor he brings to the contest. Others remain a little skeptical, questioning his anti-Semitic tendencies and his devaluing of the august chair of the president. However, as the father of two correctly pointed out in the same radio interview, his website does have more page views compared to that of his potential competitor, Sarah Palin.

Official McMillan website - jimmymcmillan.org

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