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Kathyern Lane

Presidential Candidate Kathyern Lane
Kathyern Lane is a woman of many talents. While her resume is not peppered with high-ranking political appointments, it is, nonetheless, one that speaks volumes about her tenacity, resourcefulness and courage. The quadrilingual Lane has had a varied and eclectic career, spending time in over half a dozen sectors such as security, trucking, healthcare, warehousing, F&B, real estate and avionics – while efficiently juggling her role as a wife and mother.

When her husband was transferred to Okinawa, Japan, Lane displayed her adaptability by learning the Japanese language on her own. She immersed herself and her children in the Japanese culture and came away with a greater appreciation and understanding of how our individual and collective actions affect a country as a whole.

Lane looks back at her time in the F&B and avionics industry with fondness. Her time in these industries gave her the platform to discover her innate talent for organization and management. She became well-known for her abilities to turn around underperforming firms, achieved through simple cost-cutting measures, and augmented by productivity increases. She believes that the combination of her unique skill set and experience, coupled with an understanding of the average American, makes her uniquely suited to lead the nation.

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