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Former 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate
Political Consultant & Gay Rights Activist

Fred Karger

Presidential Candidate Fred Karger

Karger position on Same Sex Issues

An issue that is close to heart for Karger, who is the first ever openly gay candidate running for a presidential nomination. His decade-long advocacy of gay rights began soon after he came out of the closet back in 2000.

Since then, Karger has been in the forefront of a number of skirmishes, with the most famous being his confrontation with the Utah-based Church of The Latter-day Saints. The conflict started when Karger discovered that the Church was supporting and funding efforts aimed at influencing the statewide ballot over the amendment of Section 7.5 of the Declaration of Rights in the California Marriage Protection Act, which states, “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

His entry into the race has ruffled many feathers, even from within his own party, as evidenced by a stinging email he received from fellow Republican and Iowan National Committee member, Steve Scheffler, which among others, contains,

“… you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of REAL marriage. I am the Republican National Committeeman for Iowa. As a private citizen and knowing literally thousands of caucus goers, I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa. Have you studied our past caucuses – you have NO chance here in Iowa!”

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