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Former 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate
Political Consultant & Gay Rights Activist

Fred Karger

Presidential Candidate Fred Karger
Fred Karger is a man of many firsts.
He was the first candidate to register his candidacy to the Federal Election Commission.
He is the first openly gay candidate running for the White House.
He is the first Jewish presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

The now retired political consultant is the ultimate insider man of Washington. He has been weaving his way behind the scenes for the past three decades - as a strategist, advisor and lobbyist. He has direct experience in nine presidential campaigns, most notably with the successful campaigns of former presidents Reagan (1984) and Bush (1988). He has also been involved in over thirty lower level federal and state elections in various capacities. His consulting firm, the Dolphin Group, has been retained in an advisory and executive role in hundreds of local and state elections. Karger knows the system like the back of his hands.

His decision to run as an independent, while unexpected, wasn’t entirely surprising. The conservative heart of the Republican Party can hardly be expected to throw their support behind an openly gay candidate. The repercussions behind his decision have already been felt a number of times since his candidacy was announced, with the most recent being his exclusion from the California Republican Party Presidential Debate in early May. The event organizer, Fox News, claimed that he failed to garner enough polling numbers (1%) to be considered as an automatic entry for the debate; yet allowing another presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum, with lower polling numbers to participate.

This certainly would not have been an unexpected development for the canny Karger, which of course brings into question: why? Pundits have speculated that Karger’s candidacy is merely a platform to increase gay awareness among Americans, with an ultimate aim of furthering the cause of same sex marriage. Karger’s comment against leading Republican candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, appears to strengthen this argument.

“I just don't think Mitt Romney is well-suited for the job right now. He's got a great record of flip-flops. I think we need some new, fresh ideas." Karger finished his attack on Romney by openly declaring himself as “the anti-Romney candidate.”

Their spat began when Romney, a Mormon, refused to support Karger in condemning the Church of Latter Day Saint’s opposition to same-sex marriage and their subsequent support of the California Marriage Protection Act ballot

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