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Former 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China

Jon Huntsman

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman

Huntsman Children

Huntsman has seven children – 5 biological (Sons: William and Jon III; Daughters: Liddy, Abby and Elizabeth), and 2 internationally adopted daughters (Asha from India and Gracie Mei from China).

Mary (b. 1985)
Abigail (b. 1986)
Elizabeth (b. 1989)
Jon (b. 1991)
William (b. 1993)
Gracie Mei (b. 1999)
Asha Bharati (b. 2006)

The Huntsman’s adoption of Gracie Mei in 1999 was particularly poignant, as they chose a name for her years before she was even born, and her future siblings wrote imaginary Christmas letters welcoming her into the family. The Deseret Morning News ran a heartwarming story on the adoption where Mary Kaye, Huntsman’s wife, was quoted as saying, "She is our greatest Christmas present ever,”. Gracie Mei herself, now 12, joined in the conversation,

Gracie Mei: "They (the adoption agency workers) found me in a vegetable market (Yangzhou Phoenix Vegetable Market)"
Mary Kaye: "Who found you in the market?"
Gracie Mei: "Jesus."

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